Sweet Lovin Doodles and Poodles
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AKC Sweet Lovin' Annie
Annie is AKC cream standard poodle.  She may look like a diva but she's all hunting dog at heart.  She loves to bring us toys and is the "mama" dog in our pack.  She makes sure everyone behaves.  She is mom's pretty girl and she swims like a swan in our pool.  I love to groom her in different styles, her hair is fantastic for grooming.   Her pups should have great curl.


AKC Sweet Lovin Rosie
Rosie is the reason for our name, she is Daddy's cuddle bug.  Always up for kisses and the puppy baby sitter.  She loves to teach our pups how to do doggy stuff, she's so patient with puppy teeth and play.  Rosie is also my daughters service dog, she alerts to low blood sugars and finds her when she wanders away from me in stores.  She loves her job.