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AKC Standard Poodles pups due 12/13/18.
Available at 8 weeks
Annie, AKC standard poodle pups. 
The father to this litter is an AKC standard poodle party coat, or spotted.
RSVP, deposit after birthing. ​​

LPF Bodemeister

Poodle - owned by....

Birthdate 11/17/2013
AKC PR17419105

Due 1/25/19.
Available at 8 weeks.
Dam: Rosie, AKC Labrador Retriever. 
Currently pregnant with F1 labradoodles.
RSVP now, deposit after birthing.
I'll be posting pictures of mommy and babies. 

The father to this litter is an AKC standard poodle party coat, or spotted.  Hoping for some spotted doodles, but we love them all.​

LPF Bodemeister

Owned by: Doodle Love Forever
Birthdate 11/17/2013
AKC PR17419105
Parti Standard Poodle


Rosie is such a sweet girl and my daughters service dog.  She alerts to low blood sugars and finds her when she wanders away in Walmart.

We trained her and I can help guide you if you want to train your puppy to be your service dog.


Puppy's are $750, with limited registartion.
Deposit of $200 is required.
We except cash or Facebook messenger.
Your deposit is non-refundable. Total amount is due at pick-up or in payments within the eight weeks.
**In the event that a puppy is not available, you do NOT lose your deposit, but rather it is held for the next litter.

This allows you as the buyer to return the pup.
if the pup is “sick.” This guarantee is void unless a licensed veterinarian of examines your puppy within 3 business days of departure.
No monetary refunds, we'll replace the puppy 
with the first available puppy.
Please contact me before making a deposit, 
509-499-8792 by text or phone to answer any questions and confirm RSVP.  Plus I love to talk "puppies".

A passion for healthy, balanced puppies.
Each puppy comes with:
  • Raised with the Puppy Culture Program
  • First vacination, 5 way by vet with vet check.
  • Regular de-worming.
  • Mommy scented towel.
  • Small bag of food, we love Wildology
  • No corn, wheat or soy and not super expensive.
  • Regular updates during the 8 weeks.
  • Healthy history and milestone from birth.
  • Beginning crate and potty training.
  • AKC paperwork to register your pup.
  • One year guarantee from genetic defects verified by vet of our choice.
  • First grooming and groom training.
  • Available during the day for advice.
  • All AKC puppies, come with limited registration, unless we discuss full breeding rights.
If your puppy should have any genetic health  issues within the first year, that has been verified by a vet of my choice and you need to put your puppy down, we will replace your puppy when one comes available.  If you decide to keep your pup that has be diagnosed with a genetic condition, we'll refund half of the cost.   This is something we try to avoid through testing and hope it never happens, but defects are a part of life.

Orthopedic issues have a multi-factor cause and are not guaranteed.  Environment, food, exercise when young can all effect hips and elbows, genetics is not the only cause of orthopedic issues.  

This guarantee is void if a licensed veterinarian DOES NOT examine your puppy within 3 business days from departure.

No monetary refunds, we'll replace the puppy  with the first available puppy from the current or next litter.
And don't forget to send us pictures and keep us updated, every pup is our favorite.


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