Sweet Lovin Doodles and Poodles
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Sweet Lovin Doodles and Poodles
We are retired USAF, family owned and operated breeder of AKC standard poodles, labradoodles and future golden doodles,
located in the heart of Spokane Valley. 
We homeschool our daughter with down syndrome, she is the offical puppy cuddler. 
So someone is home with our babies day and night tending to their needs, teaching manners, lots of clean up and mostly cuddles and kisses.
Our parent dogs are part of our family. 
They live in our home with us, our 3/4 acre fenced yard with an in-ground pool is perfect for the breeds we are raising. 
Lots area to run, swim, and social. 
My husband, daughter and I have so much fun raising these sweet pups.
We are breeding for healthy, sweet, balanced dogs.

All our dogs have been health tested through Paw Print Genetics to their breed specific panel.  All our breeding dogs are clear of common breed specific conditions.
Puppy Culture
We raise our puppies following the Puppy Culture schedule.  Each week we are rearing, socializing and training each pup by this program.  It is the best program I've ever seen and it's back by loads of research.  Watch the videos on their site, linked below.  

When you pick up your puppy, you'll receive a copy of all the milestones, activities and  training your puppy has done in the first eight weeks of life.  And you can continue with the program if you want to purchase their Puppy Owners bundle.  I'm not getting any type of funding or discounts from this advertising, I'm just really sold on how great this program will help you raise a great dog.

I'll be posting on our Facebook page regularly on what is happening that week with the litter and what they are learning.
About us
Our family is retired US Air Force.  We retired here in Spokane and love this part of the country.   Our daughter has down syndrome and type 1 diabetes, we have trained two dogs now to alert to low blood sugars. 
Rosie is my daughters current service dog.  If you are looking for service dog potential these puppies will be great candidates.

We can guide you in the right direction if you are wanting to train your new puppy to be your service dog.  I'm not a professional trainer but I've successfully trained two service dogs and am very familiar with service dog law.

We have 3/4 acre with an in-ground pool.  We have two areas, one for the big dogs and one for our puppies.  It's a beautiful grassy area for them to play and explore.  Litters born in the summer get to try swimming in our in-ground pool.

We have one litter a year with our girls.  They are our sweethearts and part of our family. 

If you are interested in learning to groom your own dog, I'm will to teach the basics.  I have an almost no fail method if you get the right equipment.  I can show you all that and how for a small fee.